How to set a date with time for a Meeting?

Hi, I have defined a type “Meeting” and want to add a relation with date AND TIME as “Start Date & Time”. I cannot find the time setting when defining a new relation with the Date relation.

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The current way to do this is have a separate relation with number type or text type and input it there. This is what I have.

The following acknowledged feature request should be the ideal way to do it. You can vote and support it (and other feature requests as well), to demonstrate your preference and interests.

Time is part of the date relation type. You need to enable it after adding the relation.

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That’s what I expected to see but I dint get neither the “include Time” option or a “Preference” setting after choosing “Datum” :flushed:

This is the menu you get when you click on the column name in the set view (“Planned” in this case).

You need to create the relation first to be able to get to this menu, and to enable time.

I’m sure that there are plans to make this more clearer when notifications / reminders get implemented (no ETA yet).


Do I understand you right: I have to create the relation (done), the use it in the setup go the meeting object and there I can get to the menu you mention?

Got it! Thanks a lot