How to search tag?


I create a note with a tag called learning for example. But when I put learning in search box, the note doesn’t come up.

I think searching tags is a frequent use case, do we have a best way to achieve that?

Thank you

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Great request @ronl, for now you can not do it via search. In couple of releases it will be possible to search all objects with certain tag just by pressing on this tag.
For now the most straightforward way is to use set of all objects. If you don’t have it just use this guide. How to View all Objects in Anytype
and then just filter all your object with certain tag or group of tags

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Thank you @ignatovv for the clarification.

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Hi, @ronl you may find this tutorial useful as well:

@Angelo Thank you. We can add object with pre-defined tags.

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I just wanted to check in and hear if there is any progress in this topic? Maybe even some kind of ETA? As more and more information comes into Anytype, searching for something by searching for a tag, seems like the obvious quick choice. But it seems a little fiddly to need to open a view with all Objects, and then filter by the wanted tag - way too many clicks. Just searching would be optimal. Hoping to see some updates on this :blush: :crossed_fingers:

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Thanks @glennovits I will check into it!

Your request makes sense, but there are also so many instances when you would want to add some exceptions, as a lot of objects have multiple Tags. Then it’s a question of how advanced should the global search function be? After one level of complexity, it would resemble Sets, which are in effect, advanced search queries.

It might be helpful to think of Types themselves as Super Tags, and if essential to your work-flow, why not consider making a dedicated Type for that? Then it will appear in the Global Search.

I completely agree with the quick and easy aspect. I would love if I could click on a Tag and see a list view of those right in my Graph, and filter them as needed.

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