How to "reset account by clearing file cache" in the new version?!

The stupid update process nearly cost me the majority of all my content.
How do I reset all my local files in the new version and import another backup?

I’m glad I chose to do a manual export just in case before updating the app. The stupid “begin export” feature during the update process obviously didn’t work. Luckily I got suspicious when the exported file only was about 1/4 the size of my usual backup. Anyway, after updating the app I got curious and imported the file that Anytype exported during the “migration guidance”…

Surprise surprise, more than half my content is gone.
How do I get rid of everything again so I can import the full backup that I did manually?
In the old version it was easy with “Reset account by clearing file cache”, but this feature doesn’t seem to be available in the new version. Why not? I hope there’s a workaround. I don’t want to create a new account again.

Log out of AT. When the login screen appears, hit Join, instead of login. You’ll get a new recovery code. I don’t know whether with the beta you need to supply your invite code

Then you can import your backup

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Thats not why the export size is different. The export via pop-up guidance makes an export which includes files (images, mp3s, etc), the manual export only includes objects, which is not a lot of data. The thing is, files are actually migrated on the node level, so having them in the export zip is not essential. If you reopen legacy, and see that everything is synced, then quit and open Beta, all your files should sync eventually.


Thank you for trying to help.
The good thing is that all the content is still there in the legacy app on my desktop.
But no matter what I try, I can’t get the same content to show up in the new desktop version or in the new mobile version. Is there any way I can force an override to the cloud from my legacy desktop app?
Also, is there another way to back up all the content in my legacy app? Like making a backup of specific files or folders from the \AppData\Roaming\anytype2 directory?

Yes you can make your own back up the anytype2 work directory, but of course it will not update changes, so you need to do this on a regular basis.

Try this from the Beta Top Menu:

  • File>Show Work Directory
  • Open Anytype>Data>Beta
  • Anytype>Quit
  • Inside Anytype>Data>Beta there will be a folder named after your Anytype ID
  • Rename the folder by adding a few — to the end (you can change it back later if the resync doesn’t workout)
  • Re-open Anytype Beta

This will force a recovery of your data folder. Give it plenty of time to resync.

Please check back later today to see if your files appear in Beta.

Weird. First of all, thanks for your help.
I logged out from the Beta, then deleted all the sub-folders inside the “data” folder except for the “tmp” folder. Then I started the Beta again, entered my recovery key and let it sync. When I then open one of the objects that I know is affected, it says “Preparing” on the top left for a few seconds and then it says “Synced” with the little green dot next to it. But it’s not the version that I have in Anytype Legacy (the correct one), but the broken one I imported the very first time I started the new Beta. It’s completely empty, only the title and icon is there. When I check the “version history” it says it’s from yesterday night, the exact same time that I first started the Beta and imported the broken backup.

It’s almost as if Legacy and Beta are using completely different servers? And it looks like the “Beta server” only has access to the broken version of some of the objects that I imported last night

I’m guessing copying the local “data” folder from the Legacy app to the new Beta app won’t work? Or is this worth trying?

Anyway, I’m giving it a few more hours but I can’t see why the Beta will suddenly pull the correct version from the servers when it already says it’s fully synced…

Anything else I can try?
If not, I’m going to have to stick to the Legacy version for now or stop using Anytype altogether. I’m not wasting another couple of hours importing everything manually from the previously exported Markdown files.

Is there a way to disable the update notifications in the Legacy app?

Okay, I finally gave up trying to sync or import the old content.

Then it suddenly dawned on me that I completely overlooked the most basic workaround imaginable: copy & paste :rofl:
Works beautifully every single time.
Just open the object in Legacy, select all, copy, switch to Beta, paste, DONE.

Why wasn’t that the first thing that I thought of?

Anyway, thanks again for your help.
I’m sure the migration process from Legacy to Beta can be improved a lot. I mean, why make the user go through the trouble of exporting everything when the importing feature in the Beta client doesn’t work yet?

At least the installation of the Beta was done on top of the Legacy and didn’t simply override it. Otherwise I would have “lost” access to half my stuff and probably stopped using Anytype altogether.

PS: Now that I copy & pasted everything into the Beta client on my desktop, it IMMEDIATELY got synced to the Beta app on my phone as well. The Beta app on my phone was obviously ignoring the content on the “Legacy sync chain”.

I think the team are expecting (hoping :flushed:) it won’t be needed again. Its sole function was the transition to the new infrastructure - alpha versions wouldn’t have been able to sync on the structure, so a one-off export/import was needed to get across the divide.

The beta app can’t sync to the old infrastructure - can’t see/interpret the data. That’s the other side of the old alpha being unable to sync to the new infrastructure. Once you had data in the desktop beta, sync licked in automatically.