How to Remove or Rename Types/Relations in the library

While adding a relation to an object, I accidentally created 3 relations with the same name.

Now there are 3 equal relations in the library. So when I want to add the same relation to another type, I can’t figure out, from the dropbox, which one is the correct one.

How can I remove or rename the duplicate relations?

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Hey @igorlvicente,
renaming or removing of relations isn’t possible yet.

@Flip Do you have a clear time-line on when this functionality will be implemented? I see 2 relations named Artist (which are created by Human Anytype) out of the box :rofl:.

Flip will probably mention a similar message: Relations are being reworked in the coming release cycles. Removing and renaming should therefore be part of one of the upcoming releases, but there is no official ETA.


While it tells me that I can’t edit the relation being deleted once I have deleted it, I still can on objects which already had the relation :thinking:

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I’m not 100% on this, but I think this might be the distinction between Remove vs Delete.

Remove takes it out of the Library, while Delete trashes it ubiquitously across Anytype.