How to remove or rename duplicate relations from the library?

While adding a relation to an object, I accidentally created 3 relations with the same name.

Now there are 3 equal relations in the library. So when I want to add the same relation to another type, I can’t figure out, from the dropbox, which one is the correct one.

How can I remove or rename the duplicate relations?

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Hey @igorlvicente,
renaming or removing of relations isn’t possible yet.

@Flip Do you have a clear time-line on when this functionality will be implemented? I see 2 relations named Artist (which are created by Human Anytype) out of the box :rofl:.

Flip will probably mention a similar message: Relations are being reworked in the coming release cycles. Removing and renaming should therefore be part of one of the upcoming releases, but there is no official ETA.