How to quick filter sets

I use AnyType to manage my projects, tasks in those projects, notes on projects and deadlines, etc.
Currently I use different links and tags to classify these objects.
In several sets and views with appropriate filters I sort everything the way I need it.
However, I now have many sets because I need different filter combinations.
In Notion, for example, you can show the filters over a tabbed database and change them on the fly as needed.
In Anytype I have to define sets with filters again first. Is there a better way, that I don’t know, how to quickly combine filters like in Notion?

Thanks an regards

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Unfortunately, not possible at the moment. Please upvote this topic. :upside_down_face:

Thank you!
Sorry that I didn’t search good enough before my post.

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@paeddi wie um alles in der Welt hast Du diese Ansicht hinbekommen?
Wieso ist da so ein Toggle-Dreieck links neben “Beispiel-Projekt”?
Und wieso sind die beiden Einträge in der Tabelle nach rechts eingerückt?

How on earth did you manage to get this view?
Why is there a toggle triangle to the left of “Example project”?
And why are the two entries in the table indented to the right?

As I wrote, it’s not a screenshot of anytype.