How to mention moderators?

I often see bugs or FRs that can be closed (or grouped together, etc.).
Just to help keep the forum up to date, I’d like to mention @moderators to tell them about the post and the action but a message tells me I can’t.
Any other solution? Or I just mention a mod (for example @sambouwer since I see him often… sorry for him :grin:)

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Hey @Shampra
Thank you for wanting to help.

Easiest for us would be to flag topics with the little flag icon and then choose „something else“ with your text to us. It ends up like a task on our side which all can see but not everybody has a lot of mentions.


To clarify: The @ModTeam are the official moderators, so you should ping that one to get our attention.

Due to the way our forum software works, everyone on the AnyTeam is granted moderator status automatically, since they require those permissions to do their forum tasks. So I’ve disabled the ability to @ moderators to avoid alerting the entire team.


@ModTeam” is also preferable for me since flag seem to stay as permanent notifications in the sidebar for us.