How to make trello boards and google sheets

apologies if this has been asked before - tired searching but couldn’t find anything

my use case is simple - im in the middle of a job hunt. i would like to create a sheet like google sheet and/or trello board to keep track of jobs applied to, folks networked with on linked and follow ups with them.

how should i get about this?
im a day 1 anytype user

I’m not really sure how exactly this could be implemented since you’re describing 3 different object types here: jobs, people and I guess meetings or emails.

If you just wanted to create a kanban with jobs, it should be easy.

  1. You would need to create a new job object type and then create a set with that object.
  2. Then you would need to create a new kanban view and select the tag or status that you want to use for the kanban.
  3. And that should be it. You should then have a kanban board with all of your jobs grouped by the status or tag of your choosing.

If you wanted to link people or follow ups with those jobs there are 2 ways:

  1. You could just link the people and follow ups manually in the object canvas itself.
  2. You could created relations to link these instead. For instance, you could create a Linked people relation that would only accept humans as objects.
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You can sync Trello and Google Sheets with Unito’s 2way integration. How to Automatically Export Trello Cards to Google Sheets in 2024