How to make it like a blog (screenshot)?

I saw a use case on the Blog.
Is this possible in the current window as well?

I tried to create a YouTube gallery like a screenshot, but it was impossible.
Is this only possible in Mac?

If you do not mind the manual work, you can already make the youtube gallery like the one in the screenshot in Anytype in it’s current state. All you have to do is to create a new type(or use a predefined one), add the youtube link and upload the thumbnail of the video to a custom relation and use that relation as the cover for the cards in the gallery view.

No, you can do this from linux / windows as well

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@lynxlove Thank you for your kind reply.
I’ll give it a try it :slight_smile:

Check this out: Creating a Reading List - Anytype Docs
For screenshot styles parity, you need also to set up cover:

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Despite your busy schedule, thank you very much for kindly answering, including screenshots :star_struck: :star_struck:

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