How to Link Objects to each other using Relations

Hi All,
Quick question. When viewing in the graph view, are sets supposed to connect to the items in the set - mine arent. Also, are commonly shared relations supposed to be viewed on the graph as mine don’t. I have a common relation “coding language” across many of my objects yet it is not display on graph. Thanks

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Sets will not autoconnect to objects. As mentioned in the docs — sets display objects, not connect them.
But, if u wanna connect object to set u can do it manually:

  1. Open set (for example, Books)
  2. Set up relation with object

Or, as I see when use Anytype, u can mention in object data a set with @ — so in the graph view they will be connected.

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In your instance, the Relation is just linking (with some criteria) one object to another, which will function something like a hashtag. It’s not enough to just add a Relation. You must also add the Object you wish to link your Page Object to. You can do all this inline, even creating custom Relations and Objects, and you don’t need to use our default Types.

There’s quite a few ways to go about this, but here is one example linking a Page with a custom Relation and Object :point_down:

Relations and Objects

You could also create a custom Type called Coding Language and then make a Set of that Type and see all of them in one Set.

Or you can add a custom Tag to each page of code, and then make a Set of of pages with filtered view for just that tag.

Neither of these last 2 examples would connect the objects in the graph view though.