How to keep templates with a tag out of sets filtering for that tag?

I’d like to use templates with preset tags and build sets filtering for these tags. The templates will show up in the sets, though. Is there a way to exclude them (that I might be overlooking)? Templates, it seems, cannot be filtered for …


I’m not sure to correctly understand your question.

If you want to filter a set by template, you can add a vote to this Feature Request :

or the same here :

(@ModTeam , pehaps merge these FR?)

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I’m trying to build a set that shows all objects with tag A. I’d like have specific templates that already have tag A attached but I want the set only to show objects created from these templates, but not the templates themselves.

So, yes, especially the second FR seems relevant. Thanks.

Templates are hidden unfortunately.

An alternative I used before is to add template to the title of each of my templates. So for instance, Task template, project template, etc. Then you can add a title filter, and filter out any objects with “template” in the title.

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That’s actually a practical solution. I hadn’t though of that. Thank you.

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