How to... (I don't know how to ask, I messed up)

I imported data from Notion. Then tried deleting lists (pages). All the linked pages got messed up. There are hundreds of them scattered in the graph view. How do I get rid of them? Can I select them somehow and batch delete from the graph view? Any ways of reverting this maybe? Undo doesn’t work on this for some reason.

Do I have to export the prior messing up data, delete the account, and start from fresh?

I hope there is an easy way out of this mess.


First: I have not done a Notion import myself, so ymmv.

You can check if the import process created a Collection with all the Objects that were created as a result of the import. If so, open the colecifkn and ctrl+a to select all, then del to delete them all.

If not:

If all your pages in the graph are either of the same type, or have a common relation, you can create a set for that type or that relation, and then filter on some other relation to make sure you don’t have any objects in your Set they you don’t want to delete, for example a creation date that is your import date.

For example, all Objects created as a result of your import from Notion are all Pages, then create a Set with a query for Object type Page. Then add a Relation “Creation date” to your Set to filter on yesterday (of you did the import yesterday). Then select all Objects in your Set, and delete them in batch.

If my understanding is correct, the pages in Graph are scattered because you deleted the List (a Collection in Anytype, could be inline inside a Page) that links them together. You can try opening your Bin and checking if there’s any Collection you can restore before you get rid of all your objects. It’s possible that the problem is only with the removal of links but the pages are fine individually.

You can also check the Version History of those objects where you deleted a List.

If you’re still unable to restore the Lists/Collections, imo it’s better to start grouping them (by creating new Collections) than delete everything and import all over again.


I had to export some pages, delete my account and start from fresh.
One problem now is that I cannot delete human object that got imported. Found similar issue here: Undeletable "Human" type object from import

Thanks for the responses anyway!


Did you have the problem with the human object after creating the new account or before?

After importing in the new account, the imported human object is not delete-able.

Don’t import from your previous account. Do the import from Notion again in your new account.