How to group by relations in kanban?


I am trying to create a task tracker, i created two relations for my needs:

  1. area (university/work etc.)
  2. Eisenhower as I group my task by the Eisenhower matrix

But when I try to make different views in the set, by those relations, they don’t change, they are still the default status relation.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?
I am new to anytype and used notion for this previously

You can group by either the built in Status Relation or Done/Not Done, or tags. I’ve tried by I could not yet any other relation selected. Also other Status relations won’t work and will show the built in Status Relation.

Grouping a Kanban by Tag relation has never worked for me, see Kanban boards not working with TAG relation - #2 by sambouwer

Grouping by Status relation did always work until 0.30.0 it seems. Perhaps a new bug report for the status relation is needed?

Ok, so i probably should use tags for this right now, but is this a desired effect of using status relations or is this a bug/not implemented yet?