How to force the app to use the OS emojis?

Hello everyone,

When I use Win + . shortcut on Windows, this pop-up appears, I click an emoji and it renders in different style, Idk why.

Hi @Hexara,

Whoa… that’s weird - they brought the new Fluent Emojis to Windows 10? I thought they were only available in Windows 11. Anyway, it must not be implemented correctly entirely and this would be more than likely on Microsoft’s end, not Anytype’s. What you’re having happen here is that Anytype is probably relying on the default emoji font installed on your system which would be the old Segoe Emojis that Windows 10 originally came with. So theoretically, they are the system emojis still - just partially. However, that is all assuming that you didn’t install these on your system yourself - there’s nothing wrong with that, but just don’t expect it to always work. I’m assuming that’s the case since I can’t find any news about Windows bringing Fluent emojis to Windows 10 (and what I read here shows that it would be very strange for Microsoft to have brought Fluent emojis to Windows 10). Either way, it should not be surprising that since you are on Windows 10, Anytype is relying on the emojis that the system was supposed to come with. My recommendation from here is not to use system emojis period. You can use the default, Anytype-specific Apple Emojis using the shortcut CTRL+. to insert them. Otherwise, I can’t say I can help you except for the fact that Windows 10 wasn’t meant for Fluent emojis and if Microsoft is bringing them to Windows 10, they haven’t fully done it yet.

-James @23jjl

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Thank you for your reply, I guess this is the case, as far as I remember, I installed the Windows 11 emoji font on Windows 10, but how come does anytype find the old emojis if they’re replaced?

ِAnd as you can see here, using the emojis in Chrome is showing the new ones:

Not sure. Might have to do with how the app is picking up on the operating system. Maybe you installed the Fluent Emojis after installing Anytype and that’s why Anytype isn’t picking up on it? Otherwise, I don’t know - I will say the new Fluent Emojis look a lot better than the old Segoe Emojis. I don’t know if you’ve considered it, but there are ways to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 without meeting hardware requirements. People have gotten it to work on pretty old systems and Microsoft themselves shipped it to all Windows 10 users in the Pre-Release channel without the system meeting “requirements” a while ago on accident. I don’t know if you’ve considered that, but that would be a complete fix to the problem (not that I would encourage it, but if you would be interested). Or as I was pointing out above, you could possibly fix it by reinstalling Anytype (but, being honest with myself, that probably won’t fix it). I guess it all depends on how much it matters to you to have Fluent Emojis work in Anytype.

It’s actually supported on my device but I really don’t like the look and feel of it :frowning: