How to find/list all objects, especially those not linked anywhere else?

On the home page, you have the Favorites, History, Sets and Bin pages. If you create an object (whatever type it is) and you do not add it to any of the pages, nor do you link it in any of the objects listed on these pages it is difficult to find. You have basically just two options. Directly searching for it, which is difficult to do unless you know what you are looking for, or creating a set for the type of the object. That is a problem if you do not know the type or if there are many objects of that type.

I am afraid that over time, this will lead to an accumulation of objects (including files), which will be just lying around in the database, unbeknown to the user, occupying space.

As an example, I just lost a link to a file from one of my pages. I happened to notice that the link was missing and was able to find that file in a File set because it have just a few files at the moment. After a longer time using Anytype, there will be hundreds of files and if I lose a link again and cannot remember it, the file will be lost forever.

I feel like that every object should be reachable by clicking starting from the home page, otherwise we risk losing it forever. Am I missing any functionality of Anytype that prevents this? Is this an intended behaviour?

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You are not missing anything and there isn’t such a functionality right now.
But a feature request for that is open here:


ooh nice find @Flip :slight_smile: