How to File a Bug Report

Report any bugs you’re experiencing here. Please search for same or similar reports to avoid duplicates.

If you’re experiencing a bug which is already reported, Vote for the topic, or comment “+1”. This helps us to understand how common a bug is, so only Vote for the report if you’re experiencing it.

How to File a Bug Report To keep all bug reports and feature requests organized, we need to adhere to a few rules and guidelines regarding the creation of topics on the forum:
  1. Make sure your issue is not already posted on the forum by using search. It can be tricky to find the relevant topics, so use multiple searches with different queries.

  2. Make sure your issue is reproducible (even if it’s only reproducible “sometimes”, it’s OK), as it will be very difficult for the developers to fix an issue someone once experienced one.

  3. Create a new topic in the Bug Reports category, provide a Title, and the following necessary tags:

    • Desktop, Android, iOS
    • Import-Export (if related to importing)
    • Trail Guide (if related to the migration process)
    • Any other relevant tags (there are quite a few options!)
  4. Follow the template and instructions to add details like steps to reproduce with screen-shot or recordings if possible.

  5. Add Device Specs & Tech Info:

  6. The moderators and developers will take it from here!

Simple Demo:

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