How to enter time

In the documentation, I saw that the date relation has an optional time entry. But I cannot find any way to enter time, on Mac desktop or on iOS. Then I saw there is a “time” relation in the library, but it looks like it is a simple number. Is that a work-around that I should use?
Thanks in advance for your help.

Time is part of the date relation, but you need to enable it first.


Thank you for your reply! But it reveals another question: I was able to enable the time display, but it seems to only work in the set view. If I open the object that has that relation, it only shows the date, not the time. And also, the time does not show in the iOS app. Is this a bug?

Seems like time outside of sets isn’t yet implemented.
For the iOS app, I have no idea whether it’s a bug or just not a feature yet.