How to delete many many many files and folders

Hi guys!

First of all, my question is not that duplicate. This is a sad story. :rofl:

Several minutes ago, my computer fan started to spin so hard, which moved me. Wow, a really hard worker! Then I found there was a modal showing that “copying files xxxx/xxxx”, and I suddenly felt that can’t be good.

Finally, yeah, I got the whole anytype2 folder into Anytype itself. I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry. :rofl: :face_holding_back_tears: :smiling_face_with_tear:

Apparently, I drag the anytype2 folder into Anytype by accident.

So, can you guys, my dear friends, help me to delete them all permanently? There are a bunch of “anytype files” in Anytype. (sounds interesting, haha)

I find a workaround, but it doesn’t work for this.

Yeah, the main problem is the number of these files. I don’t know how to delete an object and all its children nodes in one go.

Maybe, the best way is to sit still and wait for the next release.

I feel like the best thing will probably be to just create a new account and move your previous data there.


Alice Falling

Sounds like you’ve fallen into an existential quandary.

If you weren’t able to undo it in version history, I would try to consolidate it all into a single page, and delete the page, but it’s tedious work and would be easy to confuse the duplicates with original.

I agree with @isle9, the easiest approach will be to leave it and wait until the next release. We are working on a way to export individual objects, so in your case this would probably be the cleanest migration, assuming you have content you’d like to keep.

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Because this doesn’t slow the app (indeed there seems no obvious change), my plan is to isolate the folder and leave it there. :grin: