How to delete information easily?

when I create a new account, there are lots of information, I need to delete them one by one, if we can detele them all once? and how?

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It really isn’t possible to delete all the content that’s there after the first setup at once. If you really wan’t to (The content you described is basically the manual, after all!), sadly, you will need to delete all the objects one by one. Then, you will need to go to the “Home” panel, click on “Bin” and click on one of the objects. You will see a yellow tick on the object you clicked on. Then, you will need to click on the button labeled “Select all” thats displayed now. When you click on the button labeled “Delete” after performing those actions, it will ask you if you want to delete “0” objects. Don’t mind the “0”, it’s a bug. Simply click on “Delete” and all the objects in the “Bin” tab will be deleted. Note: The “Select all” feature can at the moment only be used on the “Home” screen - not in sets!

how to delete these images? I can't delete them, they are not objects
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Which verion are you using? Since the newest version (v 0.30.0), everything is an object and therefore can be deleted. In the versions before 0.30.0, this wasn’t the case.

Version: 0.30.0
I can not find detele button

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Since this is an embedded file, find the page where the file is embedded and right click on it like this:

Then click the “Delete” button in the menu.

This is not deleting the file itself, but only the link to the file.


I know…but the file itself can at the moment not be deleted!

Correct :slight_smile:

Ps select all with Ctrl+A is coming soon in Sets :wink:

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You can multiselect objects in set and send them to bin. I suggest to use bundled set of everything. How to create it for now: How to View all Objects in Anytype


I know, but when I select Media, and there are lots of images and videos, these Media files, when I choose them, there is no “Move to bin” button.

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This is our current tech limitation. Thanks for rising this up, we will make it more friendly.

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I’ve managed to delete some unwanted files by adding them to a page and then deleting the entire page. It’s not an ideal or intuitive solution, but it has worked for me.

It will not work if you delete it directly on the page because, as @sambouwer mentioned, it’s just removing the link and the file will live on somewhere in the hinterlands of your Anytype :mountain:

All this should be possible after the implementation of our new infrastructure :crossed_fingers:

Hello, joy and health to all!

It is possible to delete files through the Recent menu.

One detail I noticed is that, as you said, any files (images, pdf, audios) can be deleted by deleting the pages that directly contain them.

In another circumstance, deleting the file from the page (the actual file, not links to it), causes it to continue to exist because the version history synchronizes it with the devices, even if several new versions of the history overwrite that one, and even if you clear the file cache.

So, as a solution, you are left with:

  1. Open the file you want to delete so that it appears in the Recent tab.

  2. Create a new page and migrate the written content and external links to the new page.

  3. Delete the page containing the original file.

  4. Open the file via the Recent menu or via the library, looking in its corresponding type.

  5. Close the file.

  6. Select the file for deletion.

  7. Restart the application if the file has not gone to the trash menu, or if the application crashes.

  8. Clear the application’s cache if the file hasn’t gone to the trash menu, wait for the synchronization and try to delete the file again.

Some additional steps in case the previous steps fail or a visual defect appears in which the file persists in the application’s system:

Make sure you have your account password saved.

  1. Exit the application.

  2. Go to the root folder of the application, go to “data” and delete the folder named after your user ID.

  3. Open the application and log in.

  4. Wait for the synchronization, creating any page and typing any text just for the purpose of solving any possible synchronization defects.

  5. Go to the Library and browse for the file you want to delete using its corresponding Type.

  6. Repeat the deletion process, opening the file and trying to send it to the Recycle Bin via the Recents menu.

This worked for me when I sent some video or pdf files to test the system without knowing that it was not possible to delete them directly.

Anytype Version 0.30.0

OS Windows 10.


Exactly right @holy, I’ve detailed the procedure in other topics.

Thank you for succinctly outlining the steps for this work-around.

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