How To: Delete and Create New Account (in case of lost Recovery Phrase)

We have made a process for requesting a new Anytype account. You may want to do this if:

  • You have too much irrelevant data in your account and you want to start over
  • Your Anytype has become cluttered and disorganized
  • You have lost your Anytype Recovery Phrase and cannot login anymore

If You Want to Start Over or Delete your Account:

To delete your Anytype Account, navigate to Settings>Account & Data>Delete Account


  • After 30 days all of your data will be permanently wiped from our Node and cannot be recovered so you’ll be unable to access it again.

  • To create a new account: keep in mind that our invites codes are valid for up to 5 accounts, so first try to reuse your previous code. If it is no longer valid, write to for a new invite code from the email address you signed up with .

  • Be sure to record the Recovery Phrase that is generated after you use the new invite code. Keep it in a safe place. If you lose it, you will permanently lose access to all data in that account.

If You Have Lost Access to Anytype

If you have lost your Recovery Phrase and no long have access to your Anytype, you will need to request a new invite code to create a new profile. Please email with theme «I lost access and want to start over»

  • from email addresses you used with Anytype
  • or write invitation code and email / forum alias you used in the Anytype website, if applicable.

Anytype ID

In some cases, it is helpful to provide us your AnyID

The Anytype ID is the identification method that Anytype (the app) uses to match with your Recovery Phrase and allows us to understand if a user exists (just that) and can provision users to delete their encrypted data from our backup node by request & consent that all their information will be deleted.
Your AnyID serves no purpose except for verifying a users existence and cannot be used to recover an Account.
Do not send us (or anyone you don’t extremely trust) your Recovery Phrase. Additionally, we will never ask for it.