How to delete an image that is not in any page

I incorrectly imported one of Notion’s databases to the point where there were 1500 extra images, and when I deleted the page, the images were still there. And I can only view them in Remote Storage as icon and bulk select them for deletion, which is a lot of work. Also there is no way to do image management in bulk in image type. All in all it’s a headache.

You can create a set by the image object type. Since you also mentioned the image type page in the library. you can also easily do this from there. Just click on Create > New set of objects. You’re able to bulk delete objects from there since it’s a set.

thx, it’s work.

But I found another bug, when I delete any one or more images is that AnyType gets stuck, on windows 0.34.3.

Please post a bug report if you are able to reproduce it.