How to create the Widget Everything from scratch

Willing to reset the space from the template I chose (because I did not see any way to get back to this first script with the different space you would like to start with).

I decide to venture myself to remove all objects and relations that wasn’t blocked - assuming this are the one that Anytype core need it - the make the Widget Everything disappear.

I’ll been trying it to recreate it as a set unsuccessfully (a get closer but not there) could you please just tell me how could I rebuild it again?

Thanks so much

My plan was to rebuild what I have started in LogSeq about a “Baking Notebook” recreating my process of learning how to bake near a 150 different types of bread. I miss some functionalities that I need to implement it - but I assume the Plugin documentation will came later on the version roadmap -

Mi plan is to create the content of that allows me to run the basic functionalities the use case have to have:

  • General Receipt Object - Anytype have it -
  • Search the web for other receipt for the same bread (extract the Linked Data) to build the different variation of the same receipt.
  • Implement the metric conversion - onces, cups and their equivalents in gr as an example -
  • Kitchen clock to messere the times by songs.
  • Chatboot to sugest alternatives receipts with same flour mix, baking Time, etc.

Thanks for your guidance

Do you mind sharing where exactly are you stuck when it comes to the Everything set?

I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to do, but maybe a Set of [Relation: Creation Date] would do the trick?

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As @JorgeEstevarena suggests, a Set by Relation 'creation date" or “Last Modification Date” should get you a Set with everything

Some objects don’t seem to have creation date, so better to use object type since every object needs to have one.

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