How to create multiple objects at once with corresponding relations from a copied table (Notion, Google sheet, Libreoffice Calc)

Hi, a question from a beginner.
I have several hundreds of objects with properties in Notion.
I can copy paste them in Google sheets or Libreoffice Calc and this would result in several rows with each object in them and the properties in separate columns.
I would like to paste them in a template I created in Anytype in order to have all the objects with their corresponding properties/relations created for me.
The object is a Work code (i.e. F.H003) and the main property/relation its title (i.e. The Princess and the Goblin)
Thank you for any help!

What I’ve tried.
I’ve tried pasting in the title of a new object but it will paste the copied cells as text in the title of the object.

What I would like to happen
When pasting copied tables, in a template/object, Anytype should recognize that and ask what columns go to the object title, what column headers to what relations and create multiple objects based on that template at once.

Have you tried just use import from notion feature? It should translate all your properties seamlessly.

Hi @ignatovv actually I have not, I will then. Thanks for the suggestion!
Thus bulk import relies on Notion? Or is there also a way one could export a csv from an excel/google sheet/libreoffice calc csv to import that too?

Import from csv in development at the moment

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That’s great @ignatovv ! Thank you for the good news.