How to create Date object for specific date?

Is there a way to create a date object for a specific one?
On the PC we can create a date object by typing @today, @tomorrow or @yesterday - but how can I create such object for something that is not within the span of those three commands? I can’t seem to find a way to do it.

I mean the date object like those:
CleanShot 2023-09-06 at 10.01.13

Here you go: Links - Anytype Docs.

ahh, the format. I was trying different ones, didn’t think of @24/8/2023 and didn’t think of looking for Date in “Links” section :man_facepalming:

thanks for pointing that out!

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@ is technically an inline link, so that’s why it’s there. Also, there’s a search bar in the top right if you can’t seem to find something. You can even use the semantic AI to ask a direct question, and it’ll try and answer it using the data from the docs.

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Hm… those date links are really interesting. I didn’t know about them :smiley:

But what is the date then actually? When I click on a date link I see a Overview where this date was mentioned and it’s “Date backlinks”. So is this a collection? It seems Date is neither a relation nor an object… I’m a little bit confused :see_no_evil:

I’m asking because it would be handy to have an overview of all the date links I’ve created on different objects. This seems not to be possible, or am I wrong?

It seems that it’s a type of “Date”… and a set of “outgoing links”. But those types are not available to use…

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Date types are hidden currently, probably because this is still in development. Date object use a custom layout that automatically filters all objects that are linked to that date.


Does anyone know whether different date representations are planed? Because for someone eg. from Germany Tue Sep 14 2021 is not a very nice date … :sweat_smile:

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