How to create a template with (shareable) subtemplates containing relations?

Hi, I am wondering whether I can use Anytype in order to create a workflow for specific tasks that I can then share (when the sharing will be available) with co-workers.

Supposing I have:
Project (0) Task 1 Task 2 Task 3 Task 4 Person responsable (5) status (6) priority (7)

I suppose that each one woud be an object I can recall in a set right?
I would like this set to be reproducible and this can be done right-clicking on it and then duplicate it I suppose, right?

Now suppose that task 4 is made of a number of subtasks which
A. I would like to be able to monitor separately as objects, seeing what has been done for that task for each project
B. I would like to share with a collaborator who has no access to the above set to see the rest of relations, comments etc.

Can I create such a sub-template in anytype now already? That is, can I create a reference or something like that to a sub template for task 4. If I duplicate the set including the sub-template 4, will both be duplicated?

Moreover, if this is possible, can I limit what the coworker sees only to task 4 (I suppose that the answer to this is yes)


Hi @Earendil

These functions are not yet possible, but we are working very hard on them.

Exporting Types, Templates, Relations, Projects, etc. so others can implement them, will be possible around Q3 of this year.
This is distinct from collaboration (real-time changes online from multiple contributors), but rather, the exchange of use cases for others to utilize. The next step from there will be exportation of pages/documents with content that can be sent ⇆ asynchronously.

In preparation for this, we absolutely encourage brain-storming and construction of use-cases you or others might find useful. We will initiate some use-case challenges leading up to this time! :man_surfing: :surfing_woman:

Collaboration by the means you describe, is scheduled for the 2nd half of this year. It entails collaborating in real-time on shared content, to predetermined person/s, and will be possible when we implement shared Spaces.

Keep in mind, that despite doing our very best to bring these features as soon as possible, it’s a large endeavor and delays do happen. So all scheduling is tentative and therefore subject to reappraisal. That’s just the nature of software development.

Feel free to keep an eye on our Anytype Feature Roadmap 🪩 · GitHub, as we update it regularly. :raised_hands:

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Thank you, @Angelo! I will keep an eye on the development.
I would certainly be happy to submit a more detailed user case once this is possible.

Good work, keep it up!

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