How to create a set of all templates?

Can someone suggest how to view all templates across all Types/Objects, on a single page.

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Currently, you can’t seem to filter the template objects trough the object type relation, but this probably planned for the future.

A workaround for now is to name all of your templates “X template” and then create a set by object type relation. Then you can use the name filter and filter all of your object that contain “template” in their name.

I also use a similar approach to filter templates out of my sets which use the object type relation.


This is how I did it. I selected one of the many templates. Then selected the Type “Template”, and result page I bookmarked for reference. So, now I have a ready “Set” (although this is not truly a Set) of “Templates”, for easy reference. I can now delete any duplicate templates, and manage to some extent all my templates from one location.


Ah, yes. You can indeed use the template type page in the library, but it’s pretty limited. It might be fine depending on your needs though.

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I tried your suggested steps, but could not do “create a set by object type relation”. Can you show some recording on how to do it.

  1. From the new object menu click on set.
  2. Click add relation.
  3. Type in object and the object type relation should appear.
  4. Then you can just add a name filter as of now or filter again by object type when we get the ability to filter templates in or out.

@isle9 Thank you for the help. Unfortunately, I could not reproduce any result using the suggested method. May be I will continue using existing set of Templates I created earlier, until Anytype provides this functionality.

This functionality should already be there. If it’s not there, then it’s probably a bug.
Which step can’t you reproduce?

Hey all, there is…a way… :face_with_peeking_eye:

Not exactly the obvious flow and more of a workaround for now, but if it’s useful I’m dropping it here:

Let me know in case the recording doesn’t come through :slight_smile:


@Charlotte this solution is perfect. 10 stars. :smile:

We missed the obvious (open set) option. Just Open a Set using “Open Set” option for any Object Type, and make it your favourite.

Users need not create a Set (for an Object Type) manually. Saves lots of time. :clap:

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It is definitely quite hidden and the team is working on improving this whole experience of set creation…until then, happy it’s helpful for you :slight_smile:

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