How to create a database which is able to show the content of a filtered object within a column

This is what I am trying to achieve:

  1. I have around 500 articles in Language A each of them having a code. Such as B.B130 and a language. This would be the original. I have different formats for this original: docx, pdf, md and different stages: not corrected, in progress, final.
  2. After that, I would like to create translations for these objects (in md). They too would have a language, stages, and usually only one format: md.
    I would like to filter which translations exist for the given Originals and which stage they are in (in the future: to which project/translator they are assigned.

How would I create this database?

  1. I would like reviewers to see in the Original object the pdf original and the text (md probably) side to side, in two columns

  2. I would like translators to see the Translation object with the Original in pdf, next to it the md (if existing) of the Original and next to it an empty column for the translation.

  3. I would like to be able to use regex on specific objects in bulk. For ex. I would like to correct B.B230 B.B003 B.B456 and view them in the same page in order to apply the Regex. Would I use an exernal editor such as BBedit for this? Would I have to copy these texts elsewhere to correct them? How would I go about that? Thanks!