How to apply a relation to ALL objects, new or existing

In order to organise my notes in Anytype I would like a relation to manage and filter notes in all sets or collections. This will be a top level relation that I will call Object status.

This relation will either be Empty, W.I.P., Active or Archive

When a new object is created I want this relation to be a default relation on every and any object, with or without template aplied (like creation date or tag relation is).

Is this possible? To apply a relation as a default relation for all objects?

Or is the only way to create all objects with a template and have this relation in all templates?

The idea behind this relation is to filter objects in sets. When it is Empty it will show up in the Inbox Set, so I can see new objects that are not being worked on. Set it to any other status and it disapears from the inbox.

In any other set, based on the object type this object will show UNLESS it is set to Archive. When an object status is set to Archive it will no longer show up in any other set besides the Archive set.

This top level object status relation will be very helpful to organise objects so it would be awesome if you can add a relation as a default relation (without template) so that would save a lot of time.

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Seems like you would need to have a template for all of the types.