How to Add Images to Objects for Cards, Gallery and Graph Views

Using the pre-installed Book Template as an example:

This Template utilizes the Basic Layout, and includes an empty image block by default.

Adding an image there will make your Page beautiful, but it will only be presented in the body of the Page, with the rest of the content.

For the image to be visible in Card or Gallery views:

Then, in your Set under Views:

  • View as Gallery
  • Enable Page Cover
  • Customize other image/icon presentation options to your preference

If you want your Object to have a custom image in the Graph view, you need to upload an Icon.


So, to be clear, the page icon, cover, and image object are all managed independently. Right?

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In the Legacy app yes. Things may operate more universally in the Beta version (at least optionally).


Is there a way to easily add the image on the page as cover image? Right now I download the page image and then re upload it as cover image. Or this there an easier faster way to do this?
This way seems a bit redundant. It would make more sense to me that every image you use on a page would automatically be accessible in your library of images and vice versa to import images from your library onto your page.
Or is this a bug? When I paste an image url from the internet on a page it also shows up as an image file in my image type but not in my in library.


I wish that 1:1 icons used in objects (as icons) could be rendered as their cards’ images in Gallery view :frowning:

Btw, uploaded icons are specific to their note only, right? I can’t find the uploaded icon as an “Image”.

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