How to access raw files outside of Anytype

Recently I suffered from the Anytype helper crash bug and thankfully I have finally fixed this by uninstalling and going back to a previous version, but that was after two weeks of being unable to access any of my notes.

In that time, I tried searching through the program files, hoping I would be able to access my raw files and open them in another program, but I couldn’t find anything. Am I missing something obvious? Is there any way to access the raw files? It is really quite distressing to lose access to all of my information just because the program isn’t working, especially since my data being stored locally is a big reason I chose this software.

Since your space in Anytype is encrypted, I doubt that you’ll be able to find raw files for it.
The solution is to have a robust automatic backup. That way, you shouldn’t ever need to worry about data loss.

Can you unencrypt the files before backing them up? Otherwise what good does it do me to back up encrypted files if the only software that can open and unencrypt them ceases to function? If Anytype were to fold today, before going open source, I would still lose access to my files.

I’m not sure how the new protobuff export will work, but it should at least be unencrypted. Although I think that it will still be specific to the Anytype app.
Currently, Anytype is still in alpha. Later, stable versions of the app will probably work fine for pretty much forever.
This is a concern for now, but Anytype should be going open-source pretty soon anyways.