How (not) to Irritate a beginner …

In this thread I will post my different obstacles with Anytype.

Let’s begin!

First topic:
In a Collection there are three ways to create an “Object”.

  1. One of them says in the tooltip: “New Object Ctrl + N” (with shortcut, OK!)
  2. One other says in the tooltip: “New Object” (no shortcut) :thinking:
  3. The last one has no tooltip at all! :unamused:

Not only that it is really irritating to have three different buttons for (apparently) the same action! But they don’t even do the same thing! And the differnt tooltips (if existing) don’t help very much to to bring light into the darkness for a beginner.

My suggestion:
Put a bit more effort into the tooltips, make the texts longer and more specific, so that a beginner exactly knows, what he does and what the result will be!

In my own programs I solve it so:
Instead of showing very long tooltips at the mouse position, I have a long dual line at the screen’s bottom, there I show more informations when the mouse hovers over an UI-objekt.


The button in the top right creates the object at the top of the list. The one at the bottom of a set, creates the object at the bottom. Personally, I would just remove the button at the bottom of the list. It doesn’t really seem to do much imo.
The last one is part of the global navigation pane, and it just creates a new default object (the one you set up in your settings). It’s not added to that specific set / collection.


i like the button at the bottom of the list, for me its great in inline sets, but i can completely understand the confusion

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That’s right.
But the problem is, that it’s not transparent for the user, what the differences are, between these three Buttons.
Even if the beginner does “try & error” he will not directly understand, that not in every case a link will be created and so on.

The Button on the bottom is good. But what it does is not so good.
If clicked inside of a collection, it should ask if the new page shold be linked to this collection.

The confusion even grows if there is an inline collection.
Because there is no button on the left side under it. And the button on the bottom causes no link …
In five days till now, I didn’t understand completely, how I can add pages into an inline collection!
I don’t think I’m stupid, it’s the GUI, which causes irritations and allways new questions.

Tooltips can really help a lot! The team should urgently put more effort into good tooltips! That’s fast to do, even for a trainee.
But there should be more happen to the GUI, for a really nice and intuitive workflow.

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