How is Anytype peer-to-peer if there are external backup nodes? what route exactly does the data take?

Hi. Reading Anytype’s docs, it is not clear to me how user data could go to, and be stored on, backup nodes and still be called peer-to-peer.

As a lay person (OK, a noob :smiley:), I have understood “peer-to-peer” to mean that data goes directly from one user device to another, without passing through another party’s device. Is this understanding correct? As a corollary question, where are these backup nodes located and what can they or can’t they do to my data?

A simplified explanation would be appreciated. :slight_smile:


The Anytype Team is currently hosting one and only backup solution (besides self-hosting). In the future, you will be able to choose your own backup solution from a multitude of third-party options.

Anytype uses peer-to-peer currently only if the devices are on the same network.

Does that mean that a phone and laptop on the same Wi-Fi network would sync without going through the back up node?

Yes, exactly.

Is this currently in place? Can you link to where this is stated?

I asked about this recently and got no reply.

Seems like there is some conflicting information circulating, so hopefully someone from the team can confirm whether it’s already implemented or not.

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Not sure about p2p over the local network, but this is what I found when it comes to p2p over the internet.

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Thanks for all the responders here. I learned that peer-to-peer is not just one big feature, but there is a limited peer-to-peer over the local network, and a bigger one over the entire internet.

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