How I find and update to the last Anytype-Version for Android?

I’m not sure about Apps not listed in Google’s «Play Store»…


Today I thought, maybe there is an update for anytype because of the Problem with win-sync. Sync to and from Windows 10 is not working or very slow - #17 by _Martin

So I opened the mac OS (my daly-machine) to check. And there I had to click on «Check for updates».
Surprisingliy, there was an update to «Version: 0.27.0». I updated the Mac OS App.

Next I tried with my android smartphone.
But there I could NOT find the button «check for update»…
Normally for Play Store Apps there will be an «Auto-Update» when some updates for an app are available.
But what is about apps that are run on APK?


1. Is there an auto-update-build-in solution in Anytype Android-App?

2. If not: Is there a button/solution to manually check about new updates in the App?

3. If not: Is there a place to find the currently newest verision? (Problem see part below)


If not, it is hard to figure out, if the current version is «up-to-date». Because in the «Latest news» about release notes : Release Notes - Anytype Community
There is ilsted «Anytype Android 0.6.1»
BUT I have 0.7.0-alpha on my Android…


Is there a updated place/website with the newest version-history?
If not, the linked Release Notes should at least updated to «Anytype Android 0.7.0-alpha»!

Would be great to get the information about the currently «newest» Android-Version from Anytype.

Best regards

If you’re using an apk, I don’t think there’s a way to auto-update.
But Anytype is on the Play Store, so you can use that version for auto-updates.

You can also check it here We try to keep the versions consistent but it can be delayed sometimes.

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Hi @isle9,
Thank you for your help.
Great with the Anytype on Play Store. Will be new, or there was an information in the onboarding-process about to download the app…

Ah I found the page again under There is downloadable

Question 1:

=> Do you or does anybody know the verision from the Play-Store?
Maybe I’m blind or to stupid, but I can’t find the Version of Anytype App in the Play-Store description.

@isle9: Do you have Playstore-Version installed? If so, could you check your version of Anytype?

Question 2:

=> Is it possible to install the primary installed APK-Version parallel with the Play-Store Version?
=> Does anybody know the right approach so I do not messed-up the Data or the Apps? Deinstall first APK? OR exactly NOT?

Question 3:

=> Is there an Advantage to staying with the primary APK-Version? (Sometimes Google does not allow all function in PlayStore)

Question 4:

=> if there is an advantage with APK-Version to update, should I install the current 0.8.2 without do anything special? (Will this take-over all my settings and data’s?)

Hi @Angelo,
Thank you for the link. I found it also by «remebering» and try and error with url :blush:.

Do you have any experiences about Q1-4 below.
=> Is there an Advantage about the APK-Version at all?
=> What is the best update-process for APK-Version? Or switch-approach from APK to Google PlayStore Version?

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Yes, you don’t need to use Google’s Play store to get the software. Not everyone can or wants to use Google’s services to get apps.

If you want automatic updates: go with the Google Play store. If you don’t mind manually downloading and installing new versions and don’t want Google to have a peek at what you install: go with APK files :slight_smile:


HI @sambouwer,
Thank you for your help and the mindest «peek at what you install».
Great explanation :sunglasses:

Best regards

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Am I right to guess that Anytype will be hosted on F-Droid after it goes open-source?

Also, you could use the Aurora Store if you don’t want to use the Play Store.

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I’m not sure what kind of release channels are planned (not version like Stable, Beta, and Bleeding edge, but like Google Play, F-droid, MS Store, Flatpacks, etc.), but I’ll gather some of the topics in which similar questions are asked.

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I would assume as well, but maybe @AndroidTeam can a give more reliable answer?

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A Flatpack version would definitely be appreciated. :blush:

See here for the topic I just created for an overview:


Great Idea! :+1:
Thank you :pray: