How does search work?

I don’t quite get how search works or what is indexed for the search. Should text inside pages be searched? Because it seems that the content of imported pages from Notion is searchable, but the content of newly created pages is not.

Additionally the search results doesn’t make sense to me. Like when I enter “High so”, I get the following results:

  • High Prio
  • Height
  • Take fig on a walk
  • A tax that could fix big tech
  • General Magic the movie
  • Jane Eyre and the invention of Self

I could understand the first two results, but the other ones I don’t understand.

With how search currently works, I can only use it, if I know the title of the page (or object, set, relation) I want, otherwise it doesn’t work or at least not reliably. And if search doesn’t work reliably it somehow misses the point of what Anytype tries to achieve. Because instead of having messy information in my head and can’t remember, I have messy information in a program and can’t find it.