How does remote storage even work?

I read multiple posts about this but somehow I was still not able to understand it completely.

I had some doubts regarding the remote storage. I could not understand how does the1 GB system work and what issues I could run into once that limit is over.

Will going over 1 GB in any way hinder my use of the application in case I don’t wish to get more storage?

Thank you in advance

Remote storage is backup. Your AnyType content is held locally - on your devices.

If you exceed the 1GB limit, then less of your data will be backed up to remote storage, but that does not affect your data on your devices. And you can back up your AnyType local data whenever you want either automatically if you have specialist backup software, or via exports.

AnyType is local first - local is where your data is kept and belongs.

Also, as the team has pointed out, unless you store large volumes of video and audio in AnyType, you are extremely unlikely to it the 1GB limit.


Hi there,

Here is my setup even though I have 20gb storage on the node…


  • Client 1: Mac
  • Client 2: Windows

Remote nodes:

  • Anytype Node
  • later: selfhosting a node or 2


  • backup of the folder with ARQ
    → to my server (E2E)
    → to onedrive (E2E)
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Do you know if they will release higher tier plans? Or enable just P2P sync without their server. For those who use more storage


As far as I know, they will enable self-hosting (works already, but not for commoners).

P2P → already work, as fas as I know
More Storage → absolutely a monetisation case for them (Guess)


To clarify further, back-up storage only applies to files (like audio, video, images or pdfs), not Objects or their content. If you’re only using images and text, 1GB will be more than enough. There is no limit to how many files added to the local instance of Anytype on your device, so as long as you’re on the same network, p2p sync will work regardless of what is stored in the back-up node.

The back-up node exists to facilitate sync and preserve changes when you’re working remotely. It’s also handy if you need to log in to a new device and want to restore your entire account. If anything happens to your device, all your work is safe in the encrypted back up node.

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