How does one insert the time on a page?

Was hoping that control+shift+semicolon would auto insert the current time the way it does in Microsoft Office… but it doesn’t seem to work. What’s the hotkey for inserting the time here?

I don’t think that this is currently a feature in Anytype. That being said, I was able to get this functionality through the use of an application called AutoHotkey. I can share more details if you are interested.

I’m interested. What is that?

The official website is here AutoHotkey
The script that I use to insert the date and time looks like this.

SendInput FormatTime(, “ddd., MMM. d @ h:mm tt”) ; Fri., Jul. 7 @ 3:27 PM

Once the script is running the way it works is you type “]” then “d” and AutoHotkey replaces the characters “]d” with the current date and time.