How Does Kanban Function In Anytype


I took me a while to figure out kanban is a view format in the Sets (which I still don’t quite get. Is not being able to link or put them in a page a missing feature?)
Now that I have found them I have a different problem, How do I create new columns?
And how do I make it so that it only shows what I want in the main page and not everything?

Would love any help on the matter.

Hi @Shoon, thanks for posting! Could you elaborate a bit on the following statement?

It is not quite clear for me what you mean, or what you are trying to achieve.

About your second point:

  1. Please open an existing Set, or create a new one
  2. Go to the Set configuration menu (the one left of the “+ New” button on the right side of the screen)
  3. Click on the View tab and select the Kanban option (you probably got to this point already!)
  4. Then, choose which Relation you want to use to group by. currently, only Relations of type Status, Tag and Done are supported:
  5. Then click outside of the menu and reopen the menu due to this bug (should be resolved in the next release, planned for end of November)
  6. Then toggle the values of your chosen Relation on or off based on what you want to see. In order to add a column, you need to add a new value to that Relations list of values. For example, I have a Status Relation I use to keep track of online orders, so I already have statuses:
    • To be ordered
    • Pending delivery
    • Delivered
      I might want to add something like “To be picked up” for parcels that are awaiting to be picked up at a parcel shop, as they are not “pending delivery” and they are not “delivered” yet.

I made a pull request for this page of the Docs to have this information in the docs, so I hope this pull request is accepted soon!

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