How does collection filtering by type works?

Hello everyone,

I’m struggling to properly use collections, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.
Here is what I’m trying to do:

  1. Create a collection
  2. Set a filter with Object Type with “Has any of”
  3. Choose a specific Type in that filter
  4. It disappears and files created with that type don’t show up in this collection

Notice that the file created is still connected to the collection although I changed the filter to not include the Object Type of that file

Here’s a GIF describing my problem:
Animation - Copy

Another problem is that my space has a lot of “Task” type files and still they don’t appear in this collection when I selected “Task” as the type for the filter. Only the ones created within the collection appear in it.

In your video, your object is type = Project.
What about if you filter is Object Type, Has any of, Project ?

For the second problem : collection is like a database (or… a box, a shelf?) : it show only what you put inside (object you link to it)
If you want to see all your Task, you have to “search” them : create a set → Object Type, Has any of, Task .
A set is like a saved search : tt will display all objects that match the filters, wherever they are."

So, this means that a type filter is only selectable when an object was created first with this specific type inside of the collection?

What if I want to move an object from one collection to the other? Any workaround? I mean, if tags and different relations are shared among different collections, why not the objects themselves that can be shared as well?

The problem with sets that objects don’t get connected to them in the graph view, is there a way to connect them?

Hmm… I would have said no, but after testing, it’s a yes (or else it’s buggy…).

You can open your object and link to another collection (object can be in multiple collection, it’s a magical shelf :grin:).

And sets are only a view, a saved search. If you want to link object, I would rather use collections.

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How to change the connection of an object :open_mouth:
EDIT: I linked it but now I can’t figure how to unlink lol

It’s indeed bugged.

You can unlink them from inside the collection.

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