How do you move objects from one set to other sets?

How do you move objects from one set to other sets?

If you change the type of an object it will show up in sets that have that object type as set object type. So if you have an object of type Note and you want it to show up in a set for objects with type Task, just change the type of that object to Task.

thank you!
I hope it does not get overwheeling over time as I added many more Types - i am still trying to figure out how to do this and organize this right.

i need to find some good examples of others who have done this

you can also multiple sets with the same type of object and different filters: e.g. create a set for an object with a status and select those that have status different from completed and another set with the completed ones.
The day you switch one element of the first set to the status completed it will “move” to the other set.
Or if you prefer use two views on the same set.

but will that create a lot of extra properties for the Type? like unnecessary properties that may not be needed for each set?

It is up to the personal taste how many extra attributes to use of course, you can even skip creating new attrbiutes and filter on tags instead.
I’m still entering in this way of reasoning myself…

Same here! For example:
If you have objects of Type Task and Invoice, relation “due date” makes sense for both, but would you prefer to reuse this field for objects of Type create Order (as in, online order), or would you prefer to create a new relation called “delivery date”?
There are many situations where such a choice has an obvious right answer, but sometimes it might not be so clear cut. I think personal preference will determine how many relations you need for your setup to work for you.

One caviat at this moment is that (AFAIK) there is no easy way to bulk update objects to add/remove/update relations. If such a feature would be there, the setup of Anytype is less rigid (if that is the right word) and easier to grow with you over time. Linking some feature requests that relate to this:

how would you only display a spasific tag or catagory in a set? so that everything ells would not be shown or hiden?

@Jason_Eleazar I think you’d want to use filters, but I might misunderstand your question.

@Jason_Eleazar take a look at this Set with Recipes. I have added a few tags to my recipes and only want to see dishes that go in the oven.

Does that work for you?

Thank You Sam, that exactly what i was asking!

Any chance you know also how to make different kinds of objects show up in one set? or appear in on a page as a view? I am trying to setup a Knowledgebase like this

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Sets with multiple types is not possible (yet).