How do I rename a note?

I am finding that notes are listed as ‘Untitled’ and do not pick up the heading as a title.

I have searched menus for ‘Rename note’ but it has eluded me. What am I missing?

The first line of a note will be used as title. It the first line is empty, it will be called Untitled

I think on my 0.33.3 there is a bug operating – the notes list is like a short excerpt where the title and a first, random part of the content is listed as the note title.

I haven’t found a way (with para endings etc) to make the note title, the title of the note… if you get my drift.

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I don’t think that it’s bug. It takes a certain number of characters from the content of the note, be it heading or text or anything.

I don’t know if I am right but I think the Note object is meant to be temporary. You can only have content, no title, nothing.

I think the way you are supposed to use it is the following:

  1. You take a quick note during the day because you want to write down something quickly.
  2. You have a set showing all notes by creation date. All notes together, no sorting.
  3. When you have more time, you go see the Notes set and proceed to sort your notes by converting them to the proper object type, add the relations you need, etc.
  4. If the set is empty, good job! You have a clean workspace :muscle:

If that is not how to use them, then I have no idea what is their use since you can’t customise anything about them, they are pure content. :slight_smile:

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