How do I delete all my content and start over?

I imported my Notion content and it’s just a mess. Can I delete everything and start over without deleting my account?

Hi @lizzo1973,

Sadly you can’t do this very well currently. You can create a set of everything and delete it or you can create a new account and start over. If there is stuff that you want to keep, you can export it to protobuf and then import it to your new account or after you delete everything. Check out this thread that I contributed to a while ago:

Hope this helps!
-James @23jjl

In the next release, I think it will be possible to start with an empty account.
Wait for it before restart :wink:

You can delete your existing account, and create a new one as a workaround.

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you’re talking about 0.34.4 ?

I don’t know which number it will be (but not 0.34.4).
At the town hall, we had a demo with the creation of a space, with “empty” as the starting choice.

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