How can I filter a set of notes by note content?

Hi there,

I’d like to filter my set of notes based on whether the note has a particular word in it.

I’ve created a new view for a set of notes. It has 5 notes visible in the default “All” grid view. However, in my new view, I can’t find any way of filtering the notes by the note content. I tried adding a filter on “Description”, “Contains,” then my particular word I wanted to filter by, but it returned no results.

Additionally, when I select the filter “Name is not empty” or “Description is not empty”, the view returns no results. This implies that both of these fields are empty.

Which field do I need to apply a filter on in order to search the note content?


You cannot filter on note content, unless that content is written in a Relation. For example, note with these contents:

I actually think there might not yet exist a feature request for filtering on Object content that is not in a Relation. Feel free to search for and potentially create such a feature request!

Thanks! Looks like there’s an open feature request for this: