How can I embed an image that is already in Anytype?

I uploaded an image in an object through the /picture command. I would like to embed that same image in a different object without re-uploading it. How can I do that?

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You could duplicate, or copy and page the block. I could not find a way to reference the image via the / slash menu.

This worked, thank you! A small typo in your message (copy and page) took me a bit to understand :sweat_smile:

We can’t for now but it can be a good Feature Request.
You can link image to your page(object) but it’s only a link…

There is an FR for use image in AT for cover.

Something like…

… this one (only for cover, but similar idea of reuse images elsewhere) :

… or this one, more global ?

Here my view
the only thing that missing is “rename”.
images are already a type of object in our vault, but we can’t change their name. Since most of the time, images are named randomly, reusing them without renaming will be impossible.
I highly recommand dev team go check two addons in obsidian, attachment management and awesome image. their approach could a solution to anytype

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