How can I create the task manager (screenshot)?

I just saw the Task manager screenshot.

How can I reproduce the same thing?
Cause I can’t add these subheadings ex. Today and This Week. All I can do is add tasks.

Welcome to the forums!

The ability to group objects (and have these different headings) hasn’t been implemented yet, sorry. :sweat_smile:

Everything else can be done (to some extent):

This is what the set looks like in the Grid view:

Kindly note, however, there are currently a few limitations:

  • Collaboration has not yet been implemented (but you can still “assign” tasks to other people/human Objects).
  • The ability to complete Set-wide searches, has not yet been implemented (but you can still complete application-wide searches).

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! :smile:


Do you have any workflow guide?
I want to use for my daily task tracker.
I do two things:

  • I keep a daily tracker, a Set of Daily Plan objects that I create daily :slight_smile: , to which I link the tasks I want to do that day
  • I keep a Task tracker, a set of Task objects that I create usually from the daily Plan linked tasks area (but not always)

As I use it in Android and Desktop (Linux), I want to be able to do all of the tasks in both of them…
The only issue I have is that creating tasks from the liked tasks of a daily plan object doesn’t seem to be possible on Android.

Would appreciate to learn more about frequent usecases you do… maybe you have them mapped in some way… I’ve seen some figma-like diagrams with the step-by-step of the screens… that could work.