How can I create a folder like Notion / Craft

There is a way to create a folder like Notion?
That I can drag & drop pages inside?

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I think there are no folder function in Anytype(maybe I wrong).
The similar function is called “set”
In my way, I will create a “page” object and link the “set”, and there are folder like in sidebar.

Hope this can help you.

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Hi @Omerdaniel and welcome to the Community!

@larrylai suggestion is correct, for now you must create Sets and add filters to make something like a folder. We will add our version of databases next year, which will allow the flexibility you are asking about.

I think that is the BIG difference between this type of system versus a file system. Use “SETS” to organize gathering all your records.

We will introduce collections in a couple of releases. Collections will be the way to organise you objects in somewhat folder/database way.