How can an object be added to a collection on an Android device?

On the Desktop an object can be added to a collection by navigating to the object and selecting Link To . . . and choosing the collection.

I am trying the same workflow on my Android but collections do not show up in the Link To . . . search options.

Is there another way of adding objects to collection on Android?

Also, on the flip-side of that question, is there a way to unlink objects from a collection?

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For the first topic, you’re right, it seems like you can’t link pages to a collection. Which is strange, because I remember being able to do it some weeks ago. Maybe it’s a bug with the new update, or maybe I’m wrong and it was never possible.
So yeah, I’m sorry to tell you I don’t know a way to achieve it.

For the second topic, the fastest way for me to unlink an object is to link the object to another object, and then going to the original parent and deleting the access. To better explain myself, I will show you on a video:

I don’t know if there’s a faster (and more convenient) way to do it, but for now is the solution I can give you

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Seems like a bug for the first case. Please create a bug report.


I too ran into this issue today. Yeah @effreyh since you reported it first, you do the honors :slight_smile:

lol, thxs @boots.

The bug has been created: