How Annoying is the Note Object?

Why is the Note object so rigid? It’s incredibly annoying. I want an object called a Note, but I want to use the basic layout, not the note layout and I want to change the icon too. At first, I created my own type called a Note. Fine, but because there are now two object types called Note, it’s constantly confusing.

Either let us change the default layout and icon, or allow us to delete it. What is the point of not doing? :exploding_head:


You can change the preferfed Object Type in your space settings:

I changed it to “Page” because I also don’t like Notes and can’t understand for what purpose they supposed to be good.

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Same :smile:.
For a quick note (and temporary, because without a title it can get messy…)?

Oh! I have a case of an object where a title is useless (tasting notes: a title is useless) but the UI handles it rather badly since the object needs a “name” = title

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Yep, when I started using Anytype I did the same thing.
Will be great when we can delete locked types that we don’t use.


It’s actually my preferred type. I use it as inbox to capture thoughts without worrying about the title, till I can find the right title, tag and where to put it.

The ideal (speaking for myself) would be a comb8nation: default for new objects set to something like Page, but the ability to capture a quick thought as a note

I’m not talking about the default object type. I’m saying I want to have an object called a note, I just want to change the layout and the icon.

Yes, take a Page for it.
If you want, create a new Type from it and call it “Note 2.0” (or what ever you want).
Then set it as default Object.
Now you can change the layout and the icon.

I can’t see the problem if there’s still one for you?

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You can add a Basic layout to Note and set that as the default layout for notes. That’s what I did, and it works fine. You don’t need to switch to Page or use a Note 2.0.

Having something called Note 2.0 as your default object is very janky and not acceptable.

I agree there doesn’t seem to be any reason to have Note (or most other types) be “locked” or special. Maybe there is some reason and I am missing it.

I would prefer to be able to delete or hide most of the built in types and relations, or better yet create a truly empty space without them.

My task and project management system uses quite different attributes than what is assumed by the “empty” space install, and it’s annoying have a bunch of clutter like “Recording Artist” when I will likely never be categorizing music that way.

Totally agree. It just confuses things having extra ones you don’t need. (And it’s tedious deleting all the ones you are allowed to delete when starting a new space)

I just want to repeat tho that this solves your original problem elegantly and easily, albeit you can’t change the icon.

I’m guessing the note primitive might have something to do with some kind of long term OS integration thoughts.