How about supporting inline any "Type" object but not only "Set"

Now that “Inline set” is being implemented, I have an interesting idea, how about supporting inline any “Type” object?

There was a similar discussion [Nesting Objects/Sets inside each other](Nesting Objects/Sets inside each other), but it didn’t make it clear what I wanted, so I submitted this one.

If this is indeed a duplicate, please help merge into the related request, thank you!

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

I have two Draft pages: “Section 1 : xxx” & “Section 1 : xxx”

I want to merge these two sections into the Draft page “Test” (or any other type of object), and I want to see the reference relationship (Links) between these two sections and the “Test” in the Graph view.

Currently I can copy the contents of the two sections to “Test”, but this cannot establish the links between these two sections and “Test”.

Or I can use the “Link to object” to insert the two section objects, so that they are linked with “Test”, but the linked objects only have two appearances, “Text” and “Card”, which cannot meet my requirements, they cannot fully display the content of the two sections.

Describe the solution you’d like

If we can add “Inline” layout to the appearance of the linked object, and use the “Keep link” toggle button to keep the link relationship or make a duplicate of the linked object.

And I can adjust the column layout more easily.

This is just a very simple example, I think it should have more practical usage.


Transclusion / Notion Synced block should solve this use case as well:


@lynxlove Oh yes, they are similar, just don’t know how Anytype will eventually implement it. :grinning: