Hovering the mouse over sets to let you know you can click them

Something small (and maybe stupid) that I haven’t seen addressed yet, is how Anytype tells you how you can interact with the sets.

Currently the cursor changes to a hand when you hover the mouse over a row, letting you know that you can drag and reorder it. The thing is that you can also click it of course, but doesn’t look like it.


Notion for example lets you know that you can click it by changing the color to grey when hovering the mouse over the database row. You immediately understand how it works, even if you’ve never used it.


But this isn’t exclusive from Notion. Twitter does it as well.


The same thing happens on the gallery view too. It feels static, and at first sight it looks like it won’t do anything if you click it.


This is a great quality of life improvement! Thanks for suggesting it.

I installed AnyType on a new machine and noticed that the feature is now there :thinking:

Thanks for your request. We implemented this one because of you.
We just forgot to mention you in this post, sorry :sunflower:

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