Hotspot <--> Desktop discovery doesnt work stable

It is a bit between bug report and feature request, this topic.
I already brought this up some time ago, but I think it was in the telegram group.

So, my situation causing the problem:

  • Android smartphone
    • installed anytype
    • hotspot turned on
  • notebook
    • installed anytype
    • connected to hotspot

if smartphone.mobiledata = turned on, everything works fine (takes a time to connect, but then works, even if I turn off mobile data)

if smartphone.mobiledata = turned off, doesnt connect (about at least five minutes, didnt try longer, bcs this wouldnt help anyway)

so, I conclude that this is a discovery issue.

to solve this
I’m interested what you think about this solution:

  • on desktop app, check IP (my example
  • and check the gateway IP (my example, often .1)
  • on this IP, let anytype check if an anytype server is running, if yes, discovery successful, if not, wait until network change or maybe 1-5 min or force sync (this topic here is a reason more for force sync)

this way, this maybe difficult network topology could easily be resolved.

Reason to do this
And as anytype has p2p capabilities, I think hotspot → notebook can be a often used combination, as it is a comfortable way, for example when you travel abroad and dont have unlimited data. So you can turn it off, and use anytype anyway


I noticed you posted this issue in the general discussion:

Is it ok for you to close this topic in favour of the general discussion?